our story

  • We are a technology company developing multiplayer social games. Engaging teams that collaborate is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment, enthusiasm and freshness — this is how we make a difference.
  • We challenged the industry by starting small size. Small size means flexibility — enhancing our players’ experience in gaming by providing quick and efficient improvements to our already successful products.
  • Our name, Green Horse Games, is a commitment to be different. A commitment to deliver new products, to generate creative ideas for our players and to employ like-minded people. We put this at the core of everything we do.

our values


Empathy is not just a big word for us. We are committed to building connections and helping each other — it is the only way we can successfully connect teams in our games.


By hiring the most talented people in their field, it is our duty to trust each other to fully master the processes we are responsible for.


We are together for the long run. We offer exciting development opportunities for both junior and senior roles and we make sure that you thrive while working with us.

our history

After George founded one of the most successful Romanian web browser based multiplayer online games companies, he was joined by the company’s project management star, Alex, and together founded Green Horse Games in 2013 — with the ambition to build engaging mobile gaming experiences for sports fans.

our team

We’re building games for teams, so the way we collaborate and communicate is especially important. We believe that if our team isn’t working smoothly, we can’t deliver good experiences for teams worldwide.

That’s why we put at the heart of everything we do our trust in one another.

Because our name, “Green Horse Games” is a commitment to be different, we all have our own “green horse” trait. Check it out below.


Meet Laur, the visionary Product Manager whose insatiable curiosity, limitless creativity, and dedication to games make him a true force to be reckoned with. With user testing as his trusty tool, he fine-tunes the player's experience, ensuring it reaches new heights of greatness.

  • Get ready for Laur's passion to elevate your gaming adventures!


Introducing Diana, our talented Influencer Marketing & ASO Specialist. With her uncanny ability to spot influential voices and optimize app visibility, she's the secret ingredient to unlocking the full potential of our games.

  • She loves growing communities and making our games shine!


Introducing Cosmin, the graphic design rockstar who turns ideas into visual masterpieces! With his contagious enthusiasm, willingness to go the extra mile for colleagues, and a comedic talent that can ignite laughter storms, he crafts designs that captivate our communities.

  • Cosmin's insight is that the secret recipe for success is to unleash your inner design daredevil, try everything.


Say hello to Adriana, the secret weapon of Green Horse Games! She transforms ads into irresistible invitations, drawing gamers into the thrilling universe of our games.

  • Fuelled by her passion, she weaves enchanting tales of our games through ads.


Say hi to Eduard, our Community Manager and player's personal hero! With the problem-solving skills of a master strategist and the dedication of a gaming guru, he keeps our gaming community happy, and problem-free.

  • Be ready for Eduard's expert guidance, tackling game challenges like a pro!


Introducing Daniel, our Backend Dev genius who transforms concepts into playable games! With his coding wizardry, he takes on specs and transforms them into engaging games, where imagination meets reality.

  • Daniel's insight is that the world of coding holds infinite potential for aspiring game developers.


Introducing Adi "The Creative Alchemist", our talented UI/UX Designer! With a background in Full Game Development, he combines creativity, passion, and a hunger for growth to craft immersive user experiences.

  • He's always ready to turn any challenge into an opportunity and push his limits every day.


Say hello to Daiana, our Influencer Marketing maestro! She weaves her video magic, collaborating with influencers to spread the word about our games and introducing the world to our awesome community.

  • Daiana's insight: Authentic relationships with influencers are the key to successful campaigns.