Football Rivals


Players worldwide



Football Rivals is a social game played already by millions of football fans across the world. Team up with friends and win matches together!

  • Build your career by upgrading your level and gain Stars!
  • Attack your rivals by shooting penalties and looting their skill!
  • Collect gloves to defend against rival attacks!
  • Recruit your friends and play against teams with other real players all around the world!
  • Compete in different football competitions!
  • Play every day and collect your free daily Gold!

Basketball Rivals


European players



Get ready for an adrenaline rush with and against other real basketball fans! In Basketball Rivals the teamwork makes the difference!

  • Join a team: collaborate, make strategies and play basketball matches with other real people;
  • Spin cards and increase your skill, send gifts to teammates, and attempt jump shots against opponents;
  • Real-time matches with real players, from all around the world!
  • Team chat: socialize with your teammates, make plans, and get pumped for the next big match;
  • Competitions and trophies to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Play daily matches!
  • Grow your level, score points, defeat opponents, and become famous!



Players worldwide


Countries played in

Join your favourite team, build your career, train to become stronger and SCORE goals! Join live matches together with real teammates against other football supporters from all over the world!

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  • Various trainers that will help you become stronger
  • Collaborate with teammates to win matches against other players
  • Compete in 7 different football competitions
  • Play every day and collect your free daily bonus!
  • The best players will enter Hall of Fame of their favourite teams
  • Represent your National Team in the World Cup